Stormy Sydney

By Dave Nelson

Since I was young I have had a love for earth sciences, particularly storms and geology.
Astronomy also was in there, be it observing deep space objects, eg. galaxies and nebulae
or things closer to the earth like sunspots and aurorae.
In these pages I would like to share some of these interests with you all.
In those immortal words from .....
" TheHitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy's" - Cirius Cybernetics Corporation ...
Share and Enjoy ...

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Storm Chases, Weather Info
Lava Play
Seismology and the PSN

Solar Activity and Aurora
Meteorites and Tektites
My Amateur Radio

Have you felt an Earthquake
Dave and Cindy

A couple of my Favourite Sites....

-- A great place to ask all those tricky physics questions

-- A forum for the electronics hobbiest

I am always open to good suggestions. What other geology, amateur radio,
astronomy or weather info. would you like to see on these pages?.
I will endeavor to keep the information fresh and up to date for your viewing pleasure.

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Background pic taken 20th Jan 2005, from home in Sydney,
using Fuji S7000, 6.3mpix digital cam

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