2005-06 Storm Chases and Reports

This page provides links to each individual storm event for the 2005 - 06
storm season stretching from approx. Sept '05 to Apr '06

Friday 15th July 2005 --- Single Intense Storm over Ryde

Fri. 21st and Sat. 22nd October 2005 --- Large and small cells over sthrn Sydney

051026 --- 2000 - 2130EST, Chased down past Campbelltown to intercept a storm coming east from
Orange region but it never made it to the coastal plains. No pics

051031 --- 1930 - 2200EST, Chased down past Camden but storm died out, again!, before it came
down off the hills. No pics.
This dying out of storms as they reached the eastern edge of the Blue Mts was to become a regular
and frustrating feature of this storm season.

Thursday, 10 Nov 2005 --- Penrith area, Western Sydney

Tuesday, 22nd Nov 2005 --- SW and W of Sydney

Saturday, 26th Nov 2005 --- Orange - Bathurst region

Tuesday, 29th Nov 2005 --- Elizabeth Dr. area, Western Sydney

Thursday, 1st Dec 2005 --- Northern Sydney area

Friday, 2nd Dec 2005 --- From west across all Sydney

051217 --- 0600 - 1200EST, Woken by thunder rumble only heard a few rumbles. Storm cells tried to form over
the Sydney city reg but failed to evolve into anything serious. Several larger cells passed to nth and sth of city.

060106 --- 1700 -1800EST, Just a few rumbles and CC flashes over Ryde area. The main storms moved up the Blue Mts.

Wednesday 11th Jan 2006 --- 2 Cells across Blacktown and others

Saturday 21th Jan 2006 --- A "Bust" chase to the Mountains

Thursday 16th Feb 2006 --- A Storm over Ryde

Friday 17th Feb 2006 --- SW Sydney and Katoomba

Saturday 18th Feb 2006 --- Chase to Katoomba and Bathurst Region

Pics taken with Fuji S7000, 6.3mpix digital cam

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