2006-07 Storm Chases and Reports

This page provides links to each individual observed or chased storm event
for the 2006 - 07 storm season stretching from approx. Oct '06 to Apr '07

This season was quite poor from Oct. '06 to early Feb. '07. Although there was the occassional good storm,
many were marginal at best. The El Nino that had been active produced a dry winter through to summer in
Australia and storage dams were getting desparately low ... ~ 33% for Sydney's main storage lake ...
Warragamba. Early Feb. the El Nino cycle broke and it was like someone flicked a switch and the previous
lack of regular troughs over the eastern states quickly returned and with them some very intense storms.
From mid Feb to mid March, I was chasing almost every other day with some exciting results. Some of
these storms, were amongst the most intense electrical displays I had encountered for a long time.

Thursday, 19th Oct 2006 --- Singleton, cntrl-eastern NSW

Friday, 20th Oct 2006 --- Mt Annan, SW of Sydney

Wednesday, 25th Oct 2006 --- Western Canberra

Tuesday, 31st Oct 2006 --- North of Sydney, from Ryde

Friday, 10th Nov 2006 --- Over western Sydney, from Rhodes

Monday, 13th Nov 2006 --- Plumpton, western Sydney

Tuesday, 28th Nov 2006 --- Ermington, Inner west Sydney

Saturday, 2nd Dec 2006 --- Over western Sydney, from Rhodes, heavy rain and trip through
to Maitland area, basically a bust day, any lightning was buried in the clouds.

Wednesday, 6th Dec 2006 --- Over Blue Mtns, from Penrith

Monday, 11th Dec 2006 --- Over Wstrn Sydney, Viewed from Seven Hills, West Ryde and Dural

Sunday, 24th Dec 2006 --- Cindy and I went down to wharf at end of Wharf Rd. Could see the storm coming
over our area. Some very heavy rain for 30 mins. Regular lightning but all hidden in clouds. No pix taken.

Friday, 29th Dec 2006 --- Stopped up on Rhodes s/c carpark for pix of a storm coming in from west.
Only captured one zap, saw a few others. Got some heavy rain for a brief time.

Saturday, 30th Dec 2006 --- Many cells over the western Sydney plains and edge of the mountains.
Didn't see any lightning, just some rain showers. Definately some good instability in the atmosphere.

Friday, 12th Jan 2007 --- South of and over Penrith area

Saturday, 13th Jan 2007 --- Carlingford to Dural area

Wednesday, 17th Jan 2007 --- From the Castle Hill S/C rooftop c/p I obs’ed and photo’ed a large cell form over
the mountains and move NE out over the Hawksbury region. It never affected the main Sydney Basin area

Thursday, 18th Jan 2007 --- Obs’ed and photo’ed cells going up in the west as I travelled through
Sydney on the Hume Hwy westbound.

Wednesday, 07th Feb 2007 --- Dural to SW Sydney to Home

Saturday, 10th Feb 2007 --- To Mittagong area and back to Picton

Monday, 19th Feb 2007 --- Campbelltown to Camden area

Tuesday, 20th Feb 2007 --- Just a couple of pic's of a large anviled cell over the mountains.
Pix taken from Mt Druitt, Westfield's s/c roof c/p.

Wednesday, 21th Feb 2007 --- Gouldburn to Crookwell area

Friday, 23th Feb 2007 --- To Mittagong area

Saturday, 24th Feb 2007 --- To Colovale area

Rest of chase reports will be finished as time permits, please check in from time to time

Before August 2006, pics taken with Fuji S7000, 6.3mpix digital cam
After August 2006, pics taken with Fuji S9500, 9mpix digital cam and the S7000 cam

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