2007-08 Storm Chases and Reports

This page provides links to each individual observed or chased storm event
for the 2007 - 08 storm season stretching from approx. Oct '07 to Apr '08

Friday, 27 July, 2007 --- Between Seasons Storm, Sydney, NSW

Friday, 03 Aug., 2007 --- SW Sydney reg., NSW --- just 3 photos of a cell that passed W to E of me
as I travelled nth up the Hume Hwy from Campbelltown towards Liverpool.

Friday, 14 Sept, 2007 --- SW Sydney, NSW

Thursday, 25 Oct., 2007 --- Rouse Hill Area, NW Sydney, NSW

Friday, 26 Oct., 2007 --- Sugarloaf Ridge Area, W Sydney, NSW

Wednesday, 14 Nov., 2007 --- northern Sydney and Hawkesbury reg., NSW

Saturday, 17 Nov., 2007 --- Cindy and I chased to Katoomba, NSW. The storms looked as tho it was
going to be a great day but they failed to really fire up with only a handful of CG's seen. The bases of the
cells didnt last long before they dissapated. Not a total Bust, but close

Sunday, 18 Oct., 2007 --- Canberra region

Wednesday, 21 Nov., 2007 --- western Sydney, NSW

Friday, 30 Nov., 2007 --- Inner West Sydney, NSW

Monday, 03 Dec., 2007 --- western Sydney and Galston region, NSW

Tuesday 04 Dec., 2007 --- Narellan to Home via Bankstown, NSW

Movies and movie stills taken with Fuji S9500, 9mpix digital cam
Stills taken with Pentax K10D, 10mpix DSLR and 28-90mm zoom lens

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