2004-05 Storm Chases and Reports

Storms of 19th December 2004

This stormy day saw me travelling north in the afternoon to the central coast area between Wyong and Newcastle. Travelling up the freeway, I passed through the leading edge of the first storm cell that had some large spots of rain and CG's flashing around me. Driving a few km's further up the road I found a high spot that was a safe stopping place.There, clear of the rain, I could look back at the passing storm and photograph it. In the pics, note the convex shaped front to the heavy rain band.

Click on images below for full size pics

After chasing the first cell out to the coast area (see the last pic in the above set) looking south across Lake Macquarie. I went back to Morisset and watched the arrival of storm cell 3 which also turned out to be the largest of the 3 cells observed. The centre of the cell passed a few km to the north of me, which once again allowed me to take lots of photos without getting excessively rained on. This was a very active storm with many large CG's hitting within 2 km from me, some of which I captured when camera was pointing in the right direction.

Below are some .avi movies for the best of the strikes....
Slow the movies down to see the beauty of all the tendrils of these strikes
Several of them are really awesome

1 .. 662kb
2 .. 522kb
3 .. 848kb
4 .. 714kb
5 .. 630kb

copyright Dave Nelson 2004

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