Storm of 15th January 2005

Storm of 15th January 2005

Cindy and I travelled out to western Sydney around 1800hrs EDT and stopped on Cowpasture Rd between Wetherall Park and Hoxton Park where we had a clear view looking west up to the ridge with the transmitter towers on it. This storm was coming in from Katoomba, over which it had been very active most of the afternoon, as one unfortunate person discovered after being hit with a double strike at Echo Point. Well in many ways I guess he's fortunate as he is still alive in hospital being treated for burns and neural shock.

This storm was producing many great cc's and cg's as we were driving to and for ~ 30 minutes after we arrived at vantage point and started to take pics. Then it just died, after a strike every 20 sec or so it went out to many minutes between strikes and after an hour nothing at all. Over the next couple of hours, the, what was a black menacing storm, fizzled out and dissapated.

Click on images below for full size pics

Below are pics of 4 strikes....
the top 3 pics are 3 separate CG's and the lower 3 pics are from a nice CC.

Below are some .avi movies for the best of the strikes....

1 .. 376kb
2 .. 568kb
3 .. 614kb

copyright Dave Nelson 2005

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