Storms of 22 Nov 2005

Storms of 22 Nov 2005

Another day of multiple cells across the Sydney region during the afternoon.

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The first 3 pic's below show a cell to the SW of Sydney (looking SW from Hoxton Park)
that exploded rapidly over a 30 min period regularly showing nice overshoot of the anvil
Sorry about the blurryness of some pix, the camera autofocus was playing up

My work then took me to western Sydney out near Penrith,
from there I observed a line of new towers going up

This was to be just a hint of what was to come later that night. It turned into one of the most wildest
storm chase nights ever. Around 7pm I travelled down towards Hoxton Park in the SW of Sydney.
By the time I got to Hoxton Park, I could already see the lightning flashes ahead of me. Continuing 5km
further SW into a rural area, I was greeted by torrential rain and almost continuous lightning flashes
all around me, some VERY close. I took shelter under the awning of a service station. The thought did
occur to me as to if this was a good place to be during a storm. A direct lightning strike could cause a big
explosion at the petrol bowsers!.

The last 3 pic's are from back in Hoxton Park area, where the M7 crosses over Cowpasture Rd.
(locals will know the location). This was an outstanding electrical storm, one of the best.

Below Lightning Tracker/Radar image courtesy of Weatherzone and BOM

copyright Dave Nelson 2006
Updated 28 Aug 2006

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