Storm of 29 Nov 2005

Storm of 29 Nov 2005

Good stormchase to Sydney's Western Suburbs

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The stormline had been forming along a trough W of Sydney since late afternoon see pix. below
I spent most of the work afternoon keeping and eye on the western sky and watching the instability grow.

I could see the lightning starting out west from home after dark. Most of the pix and video were taken near the
radio tower close to M7 motorway and Elizabeth Dr. jnct., in wstrn Sydney. I stayed there a while, till the activity
subsided somewhat. I then travelled to Hoxton Park then along the Horsley Dr. and back home via the M4 motorway
with still a few flashes occurring. Not a major storm by any standards, but a worthwhile nite on the road chasing :)

Below Lightning Tracker/Radar image courtesy of Weatherzone and BOM

copyright Dave Nelson 2006
Updated 10 Oct 2006

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