Storms of 01 Dec 2005

Storms of 01 Dec 2005

Great cells across Sydney's northern Suburbs

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I observed many storm cells crossing over north of and northern Sydney suburbs. The activity started
mid-afternoon to the west and NW of the city. My first observatons were still during work hours whilst
in the Forestville area.

Then back to the workshop and up onto the roof carpark for lots of pix and video.
The southern most of the cells died out as they moved eastwards, without any serious storms over
Sydney Metro. The largest storm was over the Gosford area that dropped hail to golfball size, doing
a lot of property damage.

Heading home from work Cindy and I had a quick stop at Gladesville to see this cell that produced a
good anvil (1st pic below). We then went up onto the Top Ryde shopping centre carpark for views of
another cell to the NW of the city.

From there we watched and videoed this cell start up in the west and create an anvil that stretched all the
way over the top of our position. The base of this cell looked great for some time and some nice structure
forming. It then suffered from the divide and conquer sydnrome ... ie. the base split into 2 and over a period
of some 15 minutes really started to breakup and dissapate well before it got to our location :( .
The last pic in the set below is the tail end view of the larger cells that passed to the north of the city

Below Lightning Tracker/Radar image courtesy of Weatherzone and BOM

copyright Dave Nelson 2006
Updated 12 Oct 2006

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