USA Chase 1, Salina area, Kansas

Our first chase, for the season was, in the Salina area, northern - central Kansas. We spent several hours patrolling a bit south
and west of here, expecting initiation to occur in this area. By ~ 1500hrs we could see high cloud coming eastwards from the
NW and realised that initiation had started closer to the NW corner of the state. What didn't help was the severe lack of any-
where to get WiFi and keep updated as to what was happening.
Driving some 30-40 miles back to Salina to a known WiFi spot confirmed our suspicions and that Nick Grillo had got to the right
area. He commented that it was a reasonably long line of disorganised cells. By the time it got to Salina, on dusk, we were
greeted with that same style of storm system. There was no structure to be seen. Lightning was quite active with lots of intra-
cloud some visible and some hidden and periodic good CG's.

Storm approaching Salina, KS, from the nthwst --- 060507 2100UT CAPE and LI

The storm line had totally passed over us by 2300hrs, producing some wind and some brief heavy rain but no hail and so
endeth our first US storm chase.

Pics taken with Fuji S7000, 6.3mpix digital cam

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