Storms of 19 Feb 2007

Storms of 19 Feb 2007

Campbelltown to Camden area

First saw the storm anvil after I left the Eastlakes S/C near the airport. Next job was in
Campbelltown … GREAT… that would take me closer to the storm. Did many photos of
the growing cell and anvil as I headed SW on the M5. Several times, prior to arriving
in Campbelltown the base showed some reasonable structure. After the job I headed
out west and down the Camden bypass, seeing some nice CG’s. The storm died out
shortly after and only a couple of zaps captured on the south side of Camden.

From M5 SW bound, near the airport

1 and 2 --- from Hume Hwy jst nth of Campbelltown, 3 --- from Narellan Rd, near Campbelltown

1 and 2 --- sth end of Camden Bypass, 3 --- M7 northbound

copyrite Dave Nelson 2008
Created 15 Feb 2008

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