Storms of 21 Feb 2007

Storms of 21 Feb 2007

Gouldburn to Crookwell area

Had the day off work. Headed down to Gouldburn after seeing weather radar activity down that way.
The main visible feature was the huge cell/anvil in the distance, crossing over Canberra reg. I realised I
wasn't going to catch up with that one so from Gouldburn I travelled NW towards Crookwell to close in
on some growing cells. The 2 cells grew and started to fire with CCs and GCs shortly after my arrival.
After a phone call to Jimmy D. to get an update on the radar, I travelled ~ 5 km NE out of town to a clear
area and spent the next ~45 mins capturing zaps. I saw some excellent strikes, then moved further a few
more kms to get out of the rain and get more zaps. After a VERY long timed trip home via the Wombyan
Caves Road (DREADFUL !!). A late arrival home, but otherwise a good day.

From Hume Hwy south bound, N of Gouldburn
Pic 1 and 3 Large cell over ACT reg. ; Pic 2 Towers to the west of the Hune Hwy

NW bound between Gouldburn and Crookwell

Under active cell NE side of Crookwell

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Created 12 Apr 2008

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