Storm of 14 September 2007

Storm of 14 September 2007

Whilst travelling out to Paramatta area for a job, I could see cells building in the west.
A short time later, travelling south along Woodville Rd the first of the cells crossed ahead of me.
The core of the cell moved acroww the southern Sydney region

First 3 pix Woodville Rd, fourth pic, from Bunnings at Milperra. Captured several
good CG's from this spot. The base of the cell was very black and threatening.

First 2 pix from Bunnings at Milperra. Last 2 pix from Menai. This cell dropped hail
in a swathe from Alfords Point all the way out to Miranda in the east.

copyrite Dave Nelson 1996
Created 25 Dec., 2009

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